Caught On Camera: Dog Sneaks Out Of Humane Society, Finds New Home

A five year old Australian Shepherd who had ended up in the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region was on a mission. The shelter had named him Houdini and he had decided to live up to that name.

 In the wee hours of last Tuesday morning around midnight, Houdini managed to wriggle his way out of his kennel and then take a walk around the shelter around 1 am. He then decided to leave the building. In order to do this he had to go through two doors to get outside. "He had to actually push down the handle, push the door open and walk out in both cases," said Gretchen Pressley with HSPPR.

But Houdini was not done yet after leaving the shelter. He then walked to a neighborhood about a mile away and it was there that he found Ashley Heister. Or she found him. He was wandering around the Lower Gold Camp Road area when she first saw him and shortly thereafter decided she wanted to adopt him.

Ashley took him back to the Humane Society and told them that when she saw Houdini, she just knew in her heart he belonged with her family. "We think he's a wonderful dog...I can't wait to welcome him into my family," she said.

The Humane Society is waiting one more day to make sure his original owners don't claim him. If no one comes for him, Houdini will go home with Ashley. The humane society personnel are happy about this adoption but still amazed at how it all came about. "No dog has ever gotten through the door into the rest of the shelter. This is new for us," Pressley laughed.


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    dogs are smarter than alot of humans..and so glad he found a good home :)

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