On August 19th of this year, Dominic O’Driscoll was traveling with his family in Sangaree, Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. They noticed up ahead that a young, juvenile Bald Eagle was sitting on a fence post. They were able to drive right up next to the eagle and get a good look at him.

As their car came closer to the bird, the eagle jumped onto the roof, much to the delight of the family. Dominic said the bird left "some nice scratches on the paint." It was an experience that they will never forget.

Birding in Nova Scotia -

For bird watchers, Nova Scotia is the perfect place to see a wide variety of both land and sea birds. From watching majestic eagles and energetic piping plovers, to spotting rare species like the Northern Oriole and Eastern Meadowlark and migratory geese, hawks and osprey, the forests and coasts of Nova Scotia offer some of the best year-round bird watching opportunities in North America.

Bald Eagle Watching in Nova Scotia - One of the most popular bird watching destinations is Sheffield Mills, located near Canning in the Annapolis Valley. Here, hundreds of Bald Eagles arrive to spend the winter months feeding on shellfish from the Bay of Fundy.

The best time to visit is in late January, when a week is dedicated to feeding the eagles and giving dedicated bird watchers the opportunity to see these incredible birds up close. Year round you’ll find Bald Eagles soaring over many areas throughout Nova Scotia, such as Cape Breton’s Bras d’Or Lakes or the St. Mary’s River on the Eastern Shore. (Source)

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