A Minnesota woman had rescued an abandoned pit bull pup scheduled to be euthanized, giving him a foster home and a second chance. Amazingly the pup has repaid the debt by saving her son's life.

 It was only days after Christi Smith brought home the 10-month-old pit bull named Gator, that the pup sensed something was wrong with Smith's 4-year-old son in the middle of the night. Gator, now renamed TatorTot, kept whining and barking while jumping on her son and licking his face.

When Christie entered the room of her son, Peyton, he was barely breathing. She rushed Peyton to the emergency room, where doctors ran a series of tests and found out the boy's blood sugar was dangerously low.

According to his mother, "Peyton's levels were so low that he could have had a seizure, or fallen into a coma, or even died. Medical alert dogs are not uncommon, but they usually have to undergo training. With TatorTot, I just got extremely lucky and blessed that he knew something was wrong."

Isis Sanchez, of Blue Pearl Veterinary Clinic, suggested that TatorTot’s keen sense of smell may have picked up on ketones produced by Peyton’s low blood sugar levels.

Christi Smith is now committed to giving TatorTot a permanent home and making him a part of their family. "I am never going to let this dog go. I owe him for the rest of his life."


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  1. Unknown says:

    Thank you what you doing <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome I am a diabetic type 1 for 38 years and you will find this probably won't be the last time...Take good care young fellah.

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    Great story.

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