Here's another great reason to adopt a dog. Sara Pelchat from Lakeland, Florida was sleeping when her dog, Brinleigh, jumped on top of her. The pooch licked her owner's face, tugged at her shirt and was relentless about getting Sara's attention.

When Sara finally got out of bed, she saw her home filling with smoke. A plastic container was left on the stove top, and one of the burners is believed to have turned on, starting the fire. Though a smoke detector was set off, Sara didn't hear the alarm while asleep.

Brinleigh's heroic efforts are especially remarkable, as she hasn't been part of Sara's life for very long. The woman had adopted the dog from SPCA Florida less than two weeks before the fire. The second she saw Brinleigh at the kennel, there was an immediate bond.

"If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have woken up," she told ABC News. "And then Lord knows what would have happened."

"I would assume she understands to some degree, or she wouldn't have done what she did," says Sara. "It gives you a different aspect on how dogs must think."


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  1. Jean says:

    Dog. Man's best friend, more loyal than any human can ever be :D love them 4eva

  2. Anonymous says:

    ... or ever would be!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome dog

  4. Unknown says:

    A Great Story With a Good Ending Thanks To The Dog She Had Rescured!

  5. Animals seem to know when danger is present

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