In the small town of Webster, Texas on Bay Area Boulevard in the shadows of an ordinary office building, Gypsy, a stray black lab mix, took up residence outside the building four months ago. The office people took turns feeding Gypsy seven days a week.

This was an extraordinary display of compassion that ended up drawing the people there together. “Everybody is worried about Gypsy,” said employee, Roy Coleman. “I think most people have a big heart, and they can’t stand to see anything, human or animal, suffer.”

According to Stacey McMahan, “It’s funny, because she’s kind of brought together a lot of people in the building you’ve never talked to before. But they’ve all kind of come together just because of this little dog.”

At one point fellow employee, Melanie Bringol, bought Gypsy a dog house but then thought she needed something more permanent. Bringol managed to catch Gypsy, and took her to her home in Santa Fe with a fenced in back yard.

“She got out, climbed the fence and came back here to the office. Eight days later she showed up. She walked 18 miles,”Melanie Bringol said. “I think she had to cross over two freeways, (I-)45 and Highway 3 to get over here,” added Stacey McMahan.

The new plan for the group is to trap Gypsy, take her to a vet who’s volunteered his services and ultimately find her a permanent home. However, so far, she hasn’t taken the bait. “Something is drawing her to this building,” Coleman said.

Could just be it’s the kindness of the people inside.


Responses to "Stray dog walks 18 miles back to office workers who were caring for her. (Video)"

  1. Unknown says:

    Why don't Y'all just let her make up her own mind!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Her thoughts…: It ain't broke so mind yr business

  3. Anonymous says:

    her owner-to-be lives in the building. if they went out, one at a time, well away from the others, she would go to one of them and know it's where she belongs, as the owner would to (as much as any man can own an animal). I had this happen to me. I would go out on smoke breaks from where I worked. I never thought much about the white mix breed that would come up and sit next to me when I'd be out there, although I'd sort of talk to her as if she might understand what I would be saying. Once I was done with my cigarette, she'd trot back over to the field across from where we'd be. It wasn't until a co-worker came out and was totally shocked to see her come over to sit next to me. I had no idea it was something unique. It turned out that MANY of my co-workers had tried to coax her from the field or would leave food for her, but she wouldn't have anything to do with them. Learning this, I took her home and she was one of the best family dogs I've ever had. To this day, she is greatly missed.

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