The Gift of Mobility is the Gift of Life

Abby the Australian Shepherd surprises everyone by doing a "champion run" the first time she straps on her special wheels! Abby is only 3 months old and has rear leg spasticity due to a spinal cord injury.

Although Abby is too young to get the surgery that may restore use of her legs, she is getting regular physical therapy. Abby looks like she loves her new found freedom!(Source)

Over the past 20 years, Ed and Leslie Grinnell have been the caregivers of seven disabled dogs, including 3 Dobermans, a dachshund, a pitbull and two chi-weiners born with no front legs.

These dogs have been the Research and Development team at Eddie’s Wheels, providing us with hands-on experience in dealing with mobility challenged dogs.

A mechanical engineer by trade, Eddie Grinnell brings a lifetime of experience to his work, incorporating the highest engineering standards with special consideration to each pet’s unique disabilities and anatomy. (Visit Website)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE !!! love it

  2. Anonymous says:

    So fabulous to watch this little puppy achieve such a big goal, on wheels. Bless her and her owners...:) x,o

  3. Fili says:

    That's wonderful...

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