In this video from YouTube user yamato suzuki, a gentle Golden Retriever listens to a siren wailing off in the distance. You can tell the pup senses trouble and wants to do something about it, but the owner says no.

To be a part of the rescue mission in some way, the retriever responds with his own siren-like howl and throws in a hilarious warble just to complete the effect.


Either way, everyone should get out of the way of this golden retriever.

Note: The Golden Retriever was originally developed as a retrieving dog to use while hunting wild fowl. It is an excellent hunter and famous for its scenting abilities.

Its varied talents have been put to good use as guide dogs, show dogs, field dogs, obedience competitor, narcotic detection dogs, tracking dogs and even as models used in commercials and advertisements. It is a highly versatile and remarkable breed that is one of those preferred by veterinarians. (Source)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    bless him, beautiful

  2. Anonymous says:

    very beautiful dog !

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