Lucy the beagle is a very naughty dog. But also a very smart one.

While her owner, Rodd Scheinerman, was out of the house, the dog was caught on camera strategically getting ready-to-eat chicken nuggets out of the hot micro-oven sitting on the kitchen counter.

The video captures the beagle at first moving restlessly around the kitchen floor as she smells the food being cooked.

She tries to jump up onto the counter but just can’t reach.

Lucy then moves around the dining table until a brilliant plan pops into her mind - the chair!

She strategically pushes the chair from underneath the table with her paw so it is close enough to the kitchen counter so that she can jump up.

She balances slowly along the counter past the sink and opens the oven door with her paw. The oven is too hot inside to stick her nose in, so she uses her paw again to pull out the tray of chicken nuggets.

They land on the floor and, hey presto, dinner is served!


Responses to "Hidden Camera Catches Beagle Stealing Chicken Nuggets In Epic Style (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very clever indeed... Guess she would be even fatter if she didn't jump up and down the counter for her extra food. Maybe her ordinary dog food could be ' served' in the oven so she's got to work for it. She obviously enjoys the adventure...

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh Lucy you are so smart. The nose knows.

  3. Anonymous says:

    you could see that one was too hot to eat. wouldn't the oven be too hot for the paw to touch it? Talk about determined.

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