When you drive past a dead deer, or raccoon, or any other kind of road kill, you probably feel sad for a second or two then continue on your merry way. Understandable, seeing as modern society places next to no value on respecting and honoring the natural world.

Native Americans, however, tend to see things a little differently.

After some a-hole dumped the bodies of more than two dozen beheaded and skinned coyotes on Padre Island, Texas, a local Native American leader took it upon himself to perform a ceremony for the mutilated animals — honoring their lives and apologizing for the way they were lost.

Larry Running Turtle Salazar, who is a spokesmen for local Native Americans, performed the touching tribute on Monday.

“I decided to go up there and do a ceremony, a blessing, so that those animals can go in a good way, to take their journey in a good way,” he told KIII TV.

While we don’t expect you to become versed in the practice of Native American rituals, and we certainly aren’t suggesting you stop alongside a busy road to drag an animal carcass into the woods, at the very least, consider slowing down when driving through an area rife with wildlife. After all, it was the animals’ land first — we’re just living on it.

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Responses to "Native American Performs Touching Ceremony for Coyotes (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Should be a severe punishment for KILLING the animals (who knows how he captured and killed them) since trapping is allowed in the US (should be BANNED!!!) Well done to native americans to honor life (all life, plant and animals)

  2. Anonymous says:

    i do what he does every so often for animals i see that are run over and killed, deer, racoon, possum, bobcats.....we have no respect for them in the modern society today, for the most part anyway, most people could not care less.......So ceremony is a way of acknowledging their place and respecting them, showing them some love and honour that all creation deserves.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can't understand a fine for dumping and no charges for killing and mutilating wildlife. Then again, I don't understand the practice of hunting for "sport" - when the animals can't shoot back - to make it an even match. People make me sick!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Larry is NOT the spokesman for Native Americans!

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