An endangered, wild lynx has been rehabilitated back to health by an animal center in Poland. Poland passed a law back in 1995 protecting the animals from hunting.

A wildlife rehabilitation center in southeastern Poland has successfully rehabilitated an endangered lynx back to health. It was discovered by locals in December last year.

When the six-month-old wild cat, named Benek, (Benny in English), arrived at the center, it was in such bad condition that the conservationists thought that they would be unable to save the animal.

But after treating him for an intestinal disease and malnutrition, they've nurtured the rare lynx back to health and are planning to release him back into the wild in the spring.

[Andrzej Fedaczynski, Founder, Fedaczynski Rehabilitation Center]:

"The lynx arrived in a serious condition. Its body temperature was at about 34 degrees Celsius, so we thought that there would be no conceivable way to save it. But, we made a great effort, because this is such a rare species in Poland, Europe and in the World. It can be said that every lynx is worth more than its weight in gold."

The Eurasian lynx's population in Poland is estimated to be at around 200, with the bulk of the population living in the Carpathian Mountains that straddle Ukraine and Romania.

When humans and lynx do come into contact, it's not usually a positive encounter.

[Radoslaw Fedaczynski, Director, Fedaczynski Rehabilitation Center]:

"Over the last few years we have had one or two lynx come through our center, but we are aware that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately Lynx die alone, be it after a poacher's shot, being hit by a car or some other accident. Lynx hide themselves in the thicket and it's very hard to spot them, but when they are in that condition they need quick emergency treatment.

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