This screen adaptation of the epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow tells the tale of Hiawatha (Litefoot), a Native American brave, and his great love for the beautiful Minehaha (Irene Bedard)

“Everybody knows Hiawatha, just nobody ever met him.” So says O Kagh (Graham Greene: Dances with Wolves), who’s guiding the French trapper Bertrand (Michael Rooker: The Bone Collector) and priest Marcel (David Strathairn: Simon Birch, Home for the Holidays) to a hoped-for meeting with the legendary Ojibway leader.

It appears the same maxim will apply to Bertrand and Marcel as well, for the Ojibway people, happy as they are to tell tales of Hiawatha’s adventures, seem reluctant to produce him.

Based on the epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Song of Hiawatha (which debuted on the cable network Showtime on Thanksgiving Day and is also available on video) is a likable introduction to Native American history and legend.

Some of its young, mostly Native American cast are a bit too modern in their demeanor and the delivery of their dialogue for this to be taken as a serious historical film, but Song is respectful — almost reverential — in its presentation of Native American religious beliefs and cultural attitudes, which isn’t something seen onscreen often enough.

CAST Graham Greene, Litefoot, Irene Bedard, Russell Means, Raoul Trujillo, Sheila Tousey, Adam Beach, Michael Rooker, David Strathairn, Gordon Tootoosis, Tina Louise Bomberry, Peter Kelly Gaudreault, Mike Kanentakeron, Adrian Jamieson, Flint Eagle, Vern Harper


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  1. Jan myrz says:

    Would love to own this one. Great movie; awesome actors.

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