Peering out from its mother's pouch, this adorable baby albino kangaroo prepares to take the biggest leap yet of its short life.

After spending up to 30 days nestling in the security of its mother's warmth, the time has finally come for this young creature to take its very first steps.

Looking a little unsure at first, the baby kangaroo slowly emerges from the pouch, pulling both arms and each leg out one at a time.

It slowly, and somewhat unsteadily, pulls itself up on to its legs - at one point its mother appears to be supporting her youngster.

But in no time the animal is up on its feet, freestanding, and taking its first tentative steps. A short while later, the kangaroo can be seen leaping about on the grass.

The rare albino, which is at a zoo in Duisburg, Germany, has spent the first 28 to 30 days of its life huddled in its mother's pouch, like all young kangaroo.

After this time they are strong enough to take their first leap into the outside world.

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