It's hard not to smile when you see how much he is enjoying life. Casper the golden retriever makes the most of bath time.

Please note: It’s rare for most dogs to enjoy lying or floating on their backs in a tub full of water like this guy does. And apparently the shampoo and soap aren’t bothering his eyes, either. However, we don’t recommend a tub full of soapy water for your pet, nor should a dog ever be forced onto his back while being bathed. If your dog intentionally rolls onto his back in the tub because he enjoys it, that’s another story! (Source)

How To Massage Your Dog:  In just ten minutes a day, you can give your dog a “maintenance” massage. Use a flat palm to slowly touch all the parts of your dog’s body. Really focus on what you are feeling and pay attention to all the layers, from hair through skin, fat, muscle, and down to bone.

Meanwhile, Liverlover is basking in the attention and loving the extra “petting.” However, there is more to these massages than just quality time together. After a few days, you will have a clear picture of what is normal for your dog’s body.

In future sessions, you will be quick to notice any differences in surface temperature, sensitivity to touch, localized swelling or muscle tension, poor coat quality or tight skin. Left undetected, these things can lead to problems requiring medical care, medications, or even surgery.

Knowing what feels normal for your dog can also help you provide better information for your veterinarian, trainer, or massage practitioner. This is one way that regular massage can add to the length and quality of your pet’s life. (Source)


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