There’s something in the way that huskies say "I love you" That will melt your heart

Ways Puppies Show Love to People

*Puppies love with wags. Considered a “distance decreasing signal” a puppy tail wag often invites you to come closer begs for attention.

*Puppies love with licks. Slurping your hands or—even better—aiming a smooch at your eyes or mouth is a canine declaration that YOU are TOPS with him! This submission gesture often is used in greetings or as an appeasement gesture—a way to say I’m sorry—when you act upset.

*Puppies love with leaps. Jumping up looks cute in small babies but once he grows up, these love leaps can knock you over and break a hip in elderly visitors. He’s jumping up to aim licks at your face—that’s a proper doggy greeting after all. You can always kneel for a face-slurping greeting, or teach your puppy a better greeting like to sit when you come home.

*Puppies love by rolling over

*Puppies love by shaking paws. Dogs often offer a paw just before they roll over. Puppies paw your leg to ask for attention.

*Puppies love by crawling into your lap. They crave contact with you and a sign of deep affection and trust can be leaning against you or resting across your feet.

*Puppies love by napping with you. They show great trust by falling asleep on your lap, and sharing your pillow can be a great treat for you both.

*Puppies love with crotch sniffs. They mean no disrespect, and to dogs, sniffing this (ahem) area is the equivalent to shaking hands in greeting. Older pups may even offer a return of the favor and present their butt for you to sniff.

*Puppies love with play. They invite owners to play, bring you gifts of their favorite toys, and eagerly join in your games—sometimes whether you want them to or not.

*Puppies love with smiles. Some dogs actually learn to "grin" by lifting their lips to show a fun toothy smile to show their happiness and affection.


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    Tender and lovely. BFF ♡♥

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    That is so cute..

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