Silver the husky enjoy head massage and makes our heart melt

Siberian Huskies have captured the imagination of the masses, as well as artists, writers, and film producers, with their eye-catching looks and awe-inspiring talents. This medium-size working dog possesses power and athleticism. First developed as sled dogs — some are still used in this capacity — Huskies are remarkable dogs — and their ability to learn is staggering.

Many have fallen in love with the wild nature and pride of Huskies, but are unaware just what this breed is truly like. This is not a breed for everyone. Their beauty often drives people to purchase them, unaware of their difficult traits, which makes many Siberian Huskies prime candidates for shelters.

The increasing popularity of the breed has led to puppy mills and backyard breeders who do not properly breed for temperament. This is having an adverse effect on the breed at large and many of the negative traits are becoming common in these ill-bred dogs, including some traits that are not normal for Siberian Huskies.

If you look at all the positive points of their temperaments, you are left without any doubt that this is an amazing breed. They are intelligent and independent. They are affectionate with everyone but do not need to constantly pester you for attention. They are not known to be aggressive and generally do well in multi-dog homes. They do well with children and will welcome everyone into their home — yes, even intruders.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    The smile on his face says it all. I knew a Siberian Husky who belong to my Landlords. I got to share him. He lived in a small dog run on the other side of my yard. I told the landlord I would take the rental on one condition, that there dog got to live in my back yard and not in the little dog run. He and I felll in love immediately and he loved to sit in the door and smell my cats through the screen door. When he heard me peeling carrots he would jump in the air to see me and make mewling sounds begging for carrots. He would only eat the peeled. He would eat a five pound bag of carrots. I loved him so much. He has passed now and still his memory makes me smile. He was bilingual. He understood Italian and English. I got to take him on many walks in the park. Miss you still have a hole in my heart when you passed my little buddy Wolfie, rest in peace sweet boy.

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