An extraor­di­nary adven­ture in the heart of the Siberian Great North, between an ancient world ruled by the laws of nature, and moder­nity, which threatens to destroy it all.

Sergueï is a nomadic reindeer herder, one of many who live in the wild mountains of eastern Siberia. Sergueï’s clan is led by his father and comprises four families, who own a herd of 3,000 reindeer which they drive from one pasture to another as the seasons change.

The main threat is the wolf, for which the reindeer is a delicacy. From an early age, Sergueï has been taught to chase and kill the wolves without pity. But one day, he has an encounter with his ancient lupine adversary that will shatter his certainties.

How could he harm the helpless litter of wolf cubs? But Sergueï knows that by sheltering and protecting them he will be breaking with thousands of years of tradition, as well as betraying his father and his clan...

REVIEWS Alain Grasset – Le Parisien [translation]
« A Moving Tale ». All those who liked Nicolas Vanier’s novel will appreciate his screen adaptation. This tale, primarily directed at children has one central ambition – to prove that humanity and nature are truly made to coexist. A simple story, yet symptomatic of our times, it is the story of a young man now responsible for his clan’s reindeer herd who betrays the ancestral values of his family in order to protect the wolves.

Nicolas Vanier has perfectly succeeded in pulling us into the beautiful, icy and dangerous nature amidst the wild and superb wolves , together with the melodious music by Krishna Levy.

Wolf / Loup - Trailer

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  1. simone098 says:

    Sorry, didn't see your Twitter button when I wrote the above comment. I would love to reblog this on my Blogger and Wordpress sites.

  2. Unknown says:

    Can't hardly wait 2 c this,,,

  3. Unknown says:

    Another amazing film on how the world SHOULD be.

  4. Sadly, Nicolas Vanier is against wolf recovery and one of the "bad people" =/ Very strange when you see his films, but a truth.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I saw this Nicolas Vanier movie, "Loup", when it came out in France in 2009, and loved it. The plot and human acting are borderline "corny" but the camerawork, wilderness sceneries and wolves are stunningly magnificent.
    Siberian wolves are grey wolves, _Canis lupus lupus_, the wolf nominate subspecies, the typical or first described animal of the _C. lupus_ kind. The various North American subspecies exhibit coat markings, colors and other traits not found in _C. l. lupus_ - which is why they are considered distinct subspecies, of course. The background wolves in "Wolf" are typical Siberian wolves filmed in the wild, freely interacting (or not) with the human actors (reindeer or dog drawn sleds are "wolf magnets") but the wolves holding the main wolf roles appeared different to me. Some Web research revealed they were socialized, tame or semi-tame wolves hired from a Canadian wolf centre, and some of those had been born at the Cocolalla Wolf People centre in Idaho.
    The wild Siberian wolves were too skittish and unpredictable for "character roles". Takes made on sets used North American wolves brought to Siberia for the purpose.
    I had noticed that North American wolves appear easier to handle or train than their Eurasian counterparts. This has been confirmed to me by wolf-minding friends. Eurasian humans have been shepherds and herders for thousands of years and have waged a war against wolves during all that time. This produced a genetic selection in favor of wolves fearing and avoiding people (despite the folktales full of mostly false horror stories). The ancestors of natives of Americas were people who came over from Siberia at least 15,000 years ago and probably much earlier, before herding appeared in Eurasia. North American natives not having domesticated the mountain goat, caribou or bison, remained and still remain at peace with the wolf, mankind's oldest friend. The shameful and egregious persecution of N American wolves by rednecks and other cowboys has not been going on for a sufficient number of wolf generations to eliminate the generally human-friendly or at least human-tolerant traits of American wolves.
    Erik Abranson (present on facebook)

  6. Anonymous says:

    i can't wait to see this movie !

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