“My experience, along with my passion for artistic expression, has given me a unique eye and perspective for the camera as a professional portrait photographer and artist.” ~ Kim Robbins.

Kim Roberts In Her Own Words:

"I am a digital photographer, my work is translated to a computer environment where I can use image editing and special effects software to perform darkroom type manipulations. Then I use the highest quality pigment ink printers to create fine art prints. Digital art is much like other forms of art, it is just created using different tools than the more traditional arts.

Understanding the tools is important but equally important to my process is the vision, message and emotion that I want to convey. My cameras and computers are tools for expressing these visions of line, form, color, composition, and rhythm."

Photos: Kim Robbins

"The message that I would hope to convey in my art is one of ‘Affirming Life’ through images that I find to be beautiful, graceful, and imaginative with a hint of humor."

"I spent any extra hours photographing and learning how to print and retouch all of my own work. I have enjoyed photographing all ages of people and helping new models make their portfolios. Over the last three years I have begun a more intentional collection of photography that focus’s not only on different cultures of people but also on an assortment of subject matter which includes: Flowers and Plants, Metals (cars, oil rigs etc.), Animals, and Urban Landscapes."

Check out the amazing photographs of Kim Robbins relating to Native Americans Please email Kim if you are interested in purchasing any of the Native American pieces.

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