This video shot in Tanzania shows a young pelican who washed up after a big storm, without parents and the ability to fly.

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"The people who found him took care of him and taught him to fly, basically by running around the beach flapping their arms. Here's what happened when the pelican finally figured it out:

Note that the video was turned into a promotion video for GoPro. We're not posting it because of that and we're not getting anyfrom from GoPro or anyone else for this. We just love pelicans!

I'll admit I'm not 100% happy with the idea of strapping a camera to the bird, but I don't know the whole story. the camera is probably very light, and not really in the pelican's field of vision much since its eyes are more on the sides of its head. And there could be real medical reasons to want to see how it's deploying its wings and such...

But I'm not sure, so I'll refrain from judgement, noting only that it's cool of these people to have taken the time to care for the bird and teach it to fly. Sadly, not everybody would have done the same..."


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