Elephant Mother Knows How To Get Things Done

The animal kingdom is never short of heart warming moments.

When an adorable elephant calf got stuck in a waterhole, her mother was right by her side, scooping and pushing her out of the muddy ditch. And when other elephants tried to assist, the mother pushed them right out of the way and handled the ordeal herself. This mother elephant definitely deserves a round of applause.

This amazing footage was captured in the Addo Elephant National Park, located in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. It's the third largest national park in South Africa and is home to a wide range of animals, including lions, black rhinos and zebras.(Source)

Addo Elephant National Park has expanded to conserve a wide diversity of biodiversity, landscapes, fauna and flora. Stretching from the semi-arid karoo area in the north around Darlington Dam, over the rugged Zuurberg Mountains, through the Sundays River valley and south to the coast between Sundays River mouth and Bushman’s river mouth, Addo covers about 180 000 hectares (444 700 acres) and includes the Bird and St Croix Island groups.

Addo Elephant National Park seeks to be fully integrated into the regional landscape, conserves and enhances the characteristic terrestrial and marine biodiversity, ecological processes and cultural, historical and scenic resources representative of the Eastern Cape region for the appreciation, and benefit of present and future generations.

VIDEO Mother Elephant Rescues Her Calf

Responses to "Mama Elephant Rescues Calf From Dangerous Mud Pit (Video)"

  1. Fili says:

    That shows a mother will take care of her baby's no mater what type of species they are. That also shows how all the elephants come to the aid of the one who needs help. How wonderful how they all stick together..

  2. love how the wart hog couldn't give a crap

  3. Anonymous says:

    i think that was an beautiful thing that the mother elephant safed her baby elephant i love elephants they are my favorite animals besides other animals in the world god bless them

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