What other language but Icelandic could capture the depths of what it's like to exist atop a volcano?

The haunting music accompanying this videoscape of ethereal sights at Yellowstone National Park could not be more fitting. Together the melody and the cinematography capture the sacred beauty of this most ancient of sites, and it's as if one is there.

At the same time, the primordial landscape of Yellowstone would not be visible in this way without modern technology. We fly above the Grand Tetons, watch full moons and Milky Ways speed by, and see clouds flit to and fro like wisps in the wind.

The video is mentioned in the one made by George Monbiot showing how wolves may influence the very geography of Yellowstone.

The glimpse it gives us into that which is way beyond our ken is awe-inspiring and phenomenal, as through the lens of technology we see this miracle born of Mother Earth in ways we could not experience if we were there on the ground.

Primordial ---- Yellowstone / Grand Tetons from Voortex Productions on Vimeo.

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