Awesome footage of an Alsatian dog drinking water in slow motion at 1000fps. Did you know that they use their tongue as a spoon? Quite amazing watching them drink water.

Just like cats, dogs fold the tip of their tongue backwards so that the top of the tongue penetrates the surface of the liquid.

While water adhering to the top surface of the tongue is pulled upwards to the mouth, water sitting on the bottom side of the tongue spills back down towards the container as the tongue is withdrawn and the jaw closed.

"It is difficult to see the water transport in the YouTube video, but with a barium/milk solution it is clearly visible in x-ray," he says.

X-rays show it takes three laps to move liquid to the back of the throat. Each time, liquid is trapped against ridges on the dog's palate to stop the liquid falling out as the tongue is protruded.

"X-ray videos of dog lapping reveal the dexterity which their tongues trap previously lapped aliquots between the rugae on the roof of their mouths and the dorsal surface of the protruding tongue, in order to access the next aliquot without ingesting the previous one," they write.

Crompton says there are no high-speed x-ray videos of cats, but he suspects that they would use at least two cycles to move the liquid through the oral cavity. (Source)


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