The song of the wolf has been revered since time began. The Cree believed heavenly wolves visited the Earth when the northern lights shone in winter. And wolf howls helped spirits to make the journey to the Great Spirit.

Other tribes thought the wolf howled after eating in order to invite the scavengers such as birds and rodents to come and eat. When all the land was covered with water, the trickster Wisagatcak pulled up some trees and made a raft. On it, he collected many kinds of animals swimming in the waters. The Raven left the raft, flying for a whole day, and saw no land, so Wisagatcak called the Wolf to help. Wolf ran around and around the raft with a ball of moss in his mouth.

The moss grew, and the earth grew on it. It spread on the raft and kept on growing until it made the whole world. This is how the Earth was created.

In Native American Legend, The children of the earth were the animals. And the child known as Big Mouth, howled in the forest and sent spirit messages to a world beyond. Today we understand the science of wolves, but to many their soul has been lost.

A once cunning hunter has become prey to humans. A magnificient and revered creature, has now for many considered as vermin. And what was once a voice to the spirit world, Now seems a mournful farewell to the world, from which wolves have been cast.

By: Graham Greene

Responses to "The Song of the Wolf (Native American Story Told by Graham Greene)"

  1. The Wolf Spirit lives on and will rise again.

  2. SASS says:

    Long live the wolves... may their power and the balance in nature they dance woth spirit prevail over ignorance and fear...

  3. Anonymous says:

    May the spirit of the wolves live in us who believe, so that we may educate the non believers before it is too late...

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love wolves. What a cool legend

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love wolfs sooooo much I got a wolf tattoo

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have always loved wolves they are beautiful creatures all my tee shirts have wolves on them I always thought the wolf was my totem I want to touch one so bad

  7. Anonymous says:

    Save the wolves they Belong.

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