Appreciate the amazing beauty of wolves

Most people are familiar with the concept of an Alpha male, as it pertains to wolf packs, but larger packs will often also have an “omega” wolf. This wolf is at the bottom of the pecking order and is also often the target of the alpha’s and pack’s “social aggression,” even to the point of being exiled.

Gray wolves differ slightly in size, color, and skull size across different regions, with such slight differences that scientists don’t always agree on how many races there are. Twenty-four subspecies were originally defined in North America, but today many believe there may be as few as five different wolf subspecies in North America.

Wolves use urination and defecation as a form of scent marking, allowing them to claim and mark their territory. When breeding season nears, alpha pairs will often urinate in the same spot to alert other wolves that a pair has already bonded, and also perhaps as a signal to each other they are ready to mate.

Howling is used by wolves for several functions: reassembling the pack after a long chase, as a social bonding method, and to protect its territory against other packs. Wolves tend to howl more when they are protecting something, like their pups or food, to warn any other packs in the area to beware.

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    Freaken AWESOME!!!! Love all the pic.

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    Beautiful pictures, love them.

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    These are beautiful!Thank you so much for sharing. ~Gail~

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    Beautiful, Beautiful animal but unfortunately totally misunderstood by the majority of people, such a shame. Lovely pictures.......

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    Great photos, thanks for sharing

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    Beautiful :-))) to be shared and shared !

  7. Diese Tiere sind sooooo schön und edel und zeigen ihre Seele. Ich liebe sie alle.

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    thank you for the pictures of my brothers....I love the group kissing....WOW makes my day...

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    I was in love with wolves already but the photos are amazing. They are demons who kill these magnificent creatures.

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    I have always loved wolves

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    Wonderful pictures of the wolf

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    Wolves inspire decency

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    I think there is nothing as beautiful as wolfs. I admire them and stand in awe I believe they are the only animal that never bent before man.They still run wild and free and live there lives as they have for thousands of years. Isnt that cool to know????? Just love this site and all others on wolfs. Judith Larimer

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    love wolves, they are one of the most beautiful animals on the planet..let's all keep trying to keep them with us!

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    Maybe when people have the myths about wolves stripped away through education they will then appreciste them for the beautiful animals they are not as the fairy tale of Red Ridinghood portrays them as eating peook e up.

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    Beautiful! Love them!

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    Nothin' short of SENSATIONAL imaging!!! We have - so much to learn from friend wolf.

  22. I 'am already in Love with Wolves

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    Totally Awesome pic's thanks for sharing !

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    I love these pictures so much!!! Thank you for sharing them!!!

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    Absolutely gorgeous! We must protect these majestic & family oriented creatures!

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    Soo beautiful <3<3 Wolves are amazing wonderful animals!! I love them <3

  28. fan de loup je suis et fan je le resterait on me surnome loupsolitaire29

  29. y faut les proteger au lieu de vouloirs les detruire tel est ma penser

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    Lovey wolves all the pictures are sensational thanx for sharing !

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    absolutely beautiful as always

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    Beautiful mysterious animals with such a tight pack structure loving/protective family. They have great intuition as well. Just a wonderful peak into their lives. ..... Thank you for sharing.

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    they are beautiful!

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    Beautiful pictures. Wolves are so misunderstood as they only kill for food. For those who attempt to educate people about wolves (U.S. Wolf Refuge, Sparks, Nevada), keep up your good work. Maybe someday people come to see these beautiful animals are not to be feared but revered.

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    I need more pics :ooo
    So beautiful!

  37. Needs more black wolves.. just saying.. not biased or anything

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    Great pictures, they sure beautiful animals.

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    very cool pictures of my favorite animal, the wolf.

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    I have always admired Wolves and these pictures are amazing. They just enhance my admiration even more.

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    I already lobe wolves but these pics are great

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    Amazing beauty ... Such loving and loyal souls ... I love them <3 ... stunning pics, thank you for sharing them :-) ..... Ron of Pennsylvania

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    What we can learn from wolves if only we took the time.........

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    I wish more people understood

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    I'm a wolf nut, I have so many pictures, plates, a sword, goblets and statues of wolves in my home and keep looking for more things! As always the wolf is a very majestic animal, beautiful pictures!

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    Your wolf pictures are fantastic . Should be made into a calendar .

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    Beautiful!!! I LoveThe One With The Snow And The Two White Wolves. I Just Hope That Pic.Are Not The Only Place We Can See Them In The Future.

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    beautiful :)

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    awesome pictures

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    wow, just stunning, so beautiful. thanks for sharing.

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    I Collect anything wolves I love them they just protect there own ....n yes they need to eat....we are in there space

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    all the pictures are fantastic I think that wolves are a beautiful animal

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    Well put!

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    my SHADOW, my SPIRIT guide,,,,,,,,,,,, THE WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Absolutely beautiful and fantastic pictures.

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    such a gorgeous animal

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    Would love to see many of these photos in a calendar to hang on the wall and enjoy all year!

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    I just love these pictures of the wolf My favorite dog. I was told by a Indian out in New Mexico that everyone has a spirit animal and mine was the wolf.

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    these are just beautiful.

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    beautiful like angels

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