Wolves and ravens are known for their close symbiotic friendship that somehow mutually benefits both species, and ravens are known to tease and play with wolf cubs as well as the adults.

Ravens are well-known for their intelligence, they are also very playful birds, performing mid-air acrobatics, playing 'games' with each other's beaks and passing stones to each other . They eat a wide variety of food, including carrion, small vertebrates, insects and refuse, yet carrion is the most important component of the diet .

The raven is the largest perching bird in Europe, known for its intelligence and playful nature.

In England, ravens are kept at Tower of London. Legend has it that if the ravens leave, both the tower and the monarchy will fall.

Male and female ravens pair for life and lay up to six blue-green eggs per clutch.

Although carrion forms a large part of their diet, ravens are also proficient hunters.


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