Watch in this video from lovemypuppies315 as a beautiful moment is captured on camera of a Husky lovingly grooming a cat on the couch. Hold on, what's that noise?

Find out what could possibly shatter this candidly cute cat and dog love fest in the form of a very different kind of "love fest" happening at 51 seconds into the clip.

So can huskies be cat-friendly? With strong predatory drives, an easily triggered chase response and a stubborn streak, you may think it would be "impawssible" to have a husky get along with cats.(Source)

Some Husky & cat Facts

Don't be totally discouraged though; some owners have had success, and every dog, whatever the breed, is an individual. For a good start, select your husky pup carefully. Find a reputable Siberian husky breeder who has started socializing the puppies with cats and other small animals. Let the breeder help you select a pup who shows potential to get along with cats.

When you bring your puppy home, you must teach him from the get-go that he must respect kitty as part of the family. When husky puppies are introduced to other animals at a young age, the chances for getting along are higher. With an older husky, things get significantly more challenging, especially if he has never met cats before, so make safety your top priority and don't have high expectations. (Source)


Responses to "Beautiful Husky Grooming Cat Moment Interrupted By Pomeranian Humping Pillow (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    That was very sweet right up to the pom shot that made me LOL

  2. Anonymous says:

    the dog just wants the ear wax of the cat... still, cute and respect for the owners to get them two to be friends!

  3. Anonymous says:

    pretty good dog...that cat's ear is clean as a whistle...the dog would have gotten the other one, if the cat would have let'em

  4. Unknown says:

    My Malamute and oldes cat have grown up together, the cat is a month older...they chase each other. Two years ago I added another a kitten who had been fostered by a person with two malamutes, one a very energetic took her about a year but she now jumps over him and swats at him and he has just started chasing her (in the hallway)....there are always spots for kitties to escape to, but so far it works well...

  5. started out adorable and then descended into some bizarre triangular animal porn, lol! We were laughing our tookuses off at that part, just like the woman filming. That little dog must get turned on by all the licking and grooming. I could make a more graphic joke, but I will respect the tone of the site. ;)

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