Crows may not be the first animals that come to mind when someone says "intelligent" or "generous," but Cha Cha is here to prove us all wrong.

Just look at what a good job he's doing of helping out Kitten the cat and Skye the dog.

Coolest trick ever.

Youtube User Loz Westley Speak us about her animals:

"All my pets are rescued from death-row, dumped, or injured off roads. ''Skye'' is a timid dog, because of former abuse, who at time of video-ing was getting sick of Cha Cha annoying her & tryng to feed her all day.

If my voice sounds raised when i call her, it is because she is semi-deaf, & I only use short one word commands for her. I adore them all. I have spent my whole life rescuing abused, dumped & injured animals & birds, & they all have to get along with each other when they live together. (this is only 3 of them by the way)..

Cha Cha, being a Chough, will naturally try to feed everyone and everything. It is in their blueprint as a 'family' bird.

Responses to "Cha Cha The Crow Feeds Cat & Dog (Video) "

  1. ♥more oh my♥

  2. Anonymous says:

    We had the reverse of this when we were growing up... our 3 parrots would swoop onto the long counter that was the communal feeding spot for the cats and scatter all of those poor kitties in all directions! Our mynah bird would provide very excited commentary! I always tried to keep things calm and orderly at feeding time but failed quite regularly! Ps... i love this video!

  3. Channy says:

    Soooo sweet!!!! Im a fellow rescuer myself♥ keep the vids coming!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think this video is wonderful amazin wot all animals and birds are capable of doing( just blew my socks off )by the way this is just a saying! Crow feeding kitten and pup!!

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