Golden Retriever Puppies Play With Ice Cubes And Get Ice Stuck All Over Themselves

What happens when you give a tub full of ice to a litter of golden retriever puppies on a hot day? Find out in this adorable video.

Should I Give My Dog Ice Cubes?

Ice Cubes to Hydrate and Prevent Vomiting

Veterinarian M. Christine Zink, recommends giving a few ice cubes to a dog with an upset stomach every four hours. The ice cubes should be licked so this way the dog will be able to stay hydrated without scarfing down a lot of water at once.

Ice Cubes for Teething Puppies – Ice cubes are also often given for relief to teething puppies affected by sore gums. According to the Hardin County Humane Society, the coolness of the ice is very soothing to a puppy’s sore gums and the ice is also a good source of hydration. If your puppy is not too interested in ice cubes, you can always fill up some ice trays with some beef or chicken broth.

Ice Cubes to Prevent Overheating – Finally, some ice cubes added to the water bowl, in those steamy hot months, may encourage your dog to drink more and prevent over heating, suggests veterinarian Holly Nash. Many recipes for ice treats for dogs abound. In this case, just be watchful for gulping too much water or ice at once or giving it when a dog is overheated or exhausted from exercise.(SOURCE)


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