A family enjoying a day frolicking on the river, just like any normal family would. Oh yeah, but they're Alaskan Grizzlies, and the picnic is not what you'd expect.

Starting in the late summer, rivers in Northern Canada come alive with salmon, who make their way upstream during the annual salmon run. Grizzly bears take advantage of the abundant food supply to gorge themselves before the long winter, catching dozens of fish per day.

It’s a spectacular sight, but difficult to capture because of the dangerous nature of these enormous creatures. Biut thanks to YouTube user bradjosephs and his trusty GoPro camera, we have a chance to watch the bears in action. The folks at GoPro even cut the footage together with a catchy soundtrack.

The grizzly bear is by nature a long-living animal. Females live longer than males due to their less dangerous life, avoiding the seasonal breeding fights males engage in. The average lifespan for a male is estimated at 22 years, with that of a female being slightly longer at 26.

Watch out for an up-close moment, as a curious grizzly tries to eat the camera.

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    We have a GoPro. We will not be going there.

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