The story of Solomon Bibo, a Jewish immigrant who became governor of a Native American tribe during the days of the Wild West.

MOSES ON THE MESA is inspired by the real life of a man named Solomon Bibo. He was a Jewish boy from Germany who came to the Wild West in the late 1800s.

He learned how to ride a horse, how to shoot a gun, how to play poker with the outlaws and make friends with the "Indians" from his grandpa's tall tales.

He married a pueblo beauty, battled against crooked government agents and became the governor of the oldest settlement in North America. Life threw him many curves after that - he fought for progress but lost to tradition, his friends turned against him, great earthquakes and great depressions wiped him out, but he always fought back... and always remained a Jew... a Moses on the Mesa.

This project consists of a short fiction film inspired by Solomon's life and a documentary series of conversations with today's Jews about what makes and keeps them Jewish. (Source)

"Moses on the Mesa" trailer
"Moses on the Mesa" trailer from films by giants on Vimeo.

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