There are many special days of the year devoted to animals of all shapes and sizes. Some celebrate specific breeds or species and others help raise awareness about an important cause or issue.

April 14 is National Dolphin Day, an annual event that not only celebrates these amazing creatures, but also shines the spotlight on the plight of the dolphin.

Dolphins Facts

Part of the toothed whale family, dolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals known for their playful behavior.

There are 36 species of dolphins - most live in salt water but a few live in freshwater locations.

Dolphins are social creatures and live, travel and hunt for fish and other prey together as a group.

Did you know dolphins can't breathe underwater? While they eat with their mouths, they breathe through their blowholes.

Dolphins have excellent eyesight but have no sense of smell.

Dolphins can recognize themselves and have and know their names.

Watch This Video of A Girl and a Dolphin Playing Together

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