A Siberian husky with a missing foot gets his first chance to run in the snow thanks to a custom-made prosthetic from NC State.

“Whenever he meets another dog, he tucks it in and hides it,” says Sandy Vandall, his owner. “It’s like he doesn’t want the other dogs to see that he doesn’t have a foot.”

Zeus lost his foot as a puppy, when another dog attacked him and bit it off. The injury limits him to the use of three legs, severely curtailing the active dog’s mobility.

“He wants to run and play, but he tires out after about five minutes,” Vandall says. “It really affects his quality of life.”

Fortunately, Zeus had a special surgery to replace his missing foot. Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little, professor of orthopedic surgery, and a team of NC State engineers and surgeons are providing Zeus with a custom-made, osseointegrated implant that replace the faulty wrist joint and front paw.


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