Two wild owl chicks sitting on a branch become mesmerized by a moving camera

In which two owl chicks follow Finnish YouTuber Tessa Kangasperko's video camera not just with their eyes, but with their whole heads.

Two baby owls were just chillin’ on a branch in a forest, somewhere in Finland, when they got mesmerized by Tessa Kangasperko‘s camera.

"Oletko nähnyt mitään näin söpöä ja ihanaa!?" she writes. Which we believe translates as "Have you seen anything so cute and lovely!?"

No, Tessa. We don't think we have.

NOTE: According to professional wildlife photographer David Tipling, Great Grey Owl is “the sexiest bird species in Finland”!

In some winters Great Grey Owls are hunting in open fields (January- March). But they only hunt out in open in full daylight when they are struggeling to find enough food. When the vole supply is plentiful Great Grey Owls are usually hunting actively only during the night time. Then they are not so easy to find! The best way to find hunting area of Great Grey Owl is to look for tracks in snow. They leave very characteristic “angel” sign in snow when they hunt voles under the snow. They locate voles by hearing and they are able to hit through ½ meter snow cover! However, sometimes snow cover freezes so hard that Great Grey Owls can struggle to hunt enough voles and especially then they can be seen on move during the daytime.

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