Polar bear cub captured walking hesitantly along icy edge of water, before finally taking plunge and jumping in

The five-month-old was captured walking hesitantly along the icy edge of the water, before finally taking the plunge and jumping into the pool.

The adorable moment was caught on camera by Russian photographer, Andrey Chernyh, 41, who described it as 'amazing'.

Footage shows the cub nervously testing the temperature of the water with its tiny paw, before jumping back and nearly running back to its mother.

However, curiosity appears to get the better of the youngster, and under the watchful eye of its mother, it decides to brave the cold water.

After a little paddle around the pool, the bear soon looks right at home and finally leaves the water looking pleased with its new discovery.

Mr Chernyh said: 'The little cub didn't look so sure to begin with, it dipped its paw in the water and nearly ran back to its mother. It was a very funny to watch.'

'But it seemed very interested in the pool and you could see how eager it was to just jump in. Its mother, Gerda, seemed very relaxed about the whole affair. It is a very curious cub so it was only a matter of time before it ventured into the water.

'I am a regular visitor to the zoo and I feel as if I'm watching the little cub grow up. I felt amazing to get the moment on camera. Timing is everything when photographing animals.'

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