LTWC's Cheryl Millham said she is grateful to whomever saved Tahoe. "Somebody was compassionate enough to take the time to pick her up and bring her down," she said.

The person who found Tahoe may not have known how or what to feed her because she's still voraciously drinking a special formula from a bottle.

Cheryl Millham said Tahoe's mother may have been killed by poachers, hit by a car or possibly died of old age. "She could have gotten too close to a marijuana patch and they kill everything that comes into those," Cheryl Millham said.

Tahoe was lucky someone found and rescued her. "She doesn't even have teeth yet," Cheryl Millham explained. "She can't eat. She would be dead, probably, by now."

Tom and Cheryl said they let Tahoe "do her own thing" to try to help her stay as wild as possible. "We don't cuddle her. We don't don't do any type of bonding with her. She doesn't want to bond to me," Cheryl Millham said.

Eventually, they hope they'll have another cub to keep her company until they are ready to be returned back into the wild.

Tahoe's second chance at life is a rare treat for both Tom and Cheryl Millham, who don't tire of helping save the lives of the animals brought to them.

"This is what keeps me going after 37 years," Cheryl Millham said. "This little girl now will have a chance to grow up, be a healthy, normal little bear and maybe be a mom herself someday."


Responses to "Bear cub thriving after being dropped off in animal carrier (Video)"

  1. Poor child. Orphaned at such a young age. Thank you kind people for everything u do for the baby! You give me hope for life.

  2. Fili says:

    Aww, she is so precious. I sure hope she grows up & has a good life. Thank you to the person who saved her from dying. And Thank you to Tom & Cheryl Millham for all you are doing for her. May God Bless you all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a cute little fella...hope you enjoy a happy, healthy life and grow into those massive claws !!!

  4. Unknown says:

    Thanks for giving her a really great chance at being a bear! I didn't know that bears knead and suck like cats. Really cool!! :)

  5. Todd Holbrook says:

    I think you are sesational people for helping out Mother Nature the way you do and without the personal touch or bonding. Keep up the great work and a great big "Thank You"

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