Police are taking in a cuddly visitor in Oregon.

A young boy dropped off an abandoned bear cub to the Myrtle Creek Police Department after he heard the cub’s cries on the side of a nearby road Monday night.

The Oregon Department of Fish And Wildlife were unsuccessful in their attempts to locate the mother of the baby bear.

In the meantime, the little animal is putting smiles on the faces of those in the police department.

"We really appreciate the effort from the boy, but we really want people to understand if you encounter a wild animal, especially a bear in the city the best thing to do is to leave the area, call authorities and let the professionals come and handle it," said Kevin Taggart of the Myrtle Creek Police Department.

The bear is being taken to Oregon State University and will be sent to a zoo or sanctuary after it receives a clean bill of health (Source)

Responses to "Boy Rescues Orphaned Bear In Oregon (Video)"

  1. I hope they send the cub to a sanctuary and not a zoo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The bear is adorable. I hope it gets sent to a sanctuary and not a zoo.

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