Floyd Clown and Don Red Thunder, great grandsons of Old Man Crazy Horse, recount the death and burial of Crazy Horse.

This is a clip from the feature documentary "The Authorized Biography of Crazy Horse and His Family For over a century the true story of Crazy Horse has been shrouded in mystery. Many have attempted to unravel the mysteries by identifying what they perceived to be the 'facts' of his life...but they never interviewed those who were truly closest to this spiritual leader---his family.

Most of those trying to piece together the 'facts' never really looked in the right place. Most thought his relatives were at the Red Cloud Agency, later referred to as Pine Ridge. However that is where he was killed with the help of members of his own tribe.

Nobody ever asked the question as to why would Crazy Horse's closest relatives stay in the same neighborhood with the same people who helped kill him. So Waglula, his father, took most of the immediate family to the Rosebud Reservation and later went underground and moved them to the Cheyenne River Reservation which is where most of his most immediate relatives live today.

In 1877 Lakota warrior Crazy Horse was bayoneted in the back and killed. He was a Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota. One of the ablest and truest Native Americans.  His life was ideal; his record clean. He was never involved in any of the numerous massacres on the trail, but was a leader in practically every open fight. His old father singing the death song over him and afterward carrying away the body, which they said must not be further  polluted by the touch of another man. They hid it somewhere in the Bad Lands, his resting place to this day.

A depiction of Crazy Horse wearing typical face paint. His "face paint" for battle, consisted of a yellow lightning bolt down the left side of his face, and white powder. No authenticated photograph of Crazy Horse

 The oral history story of Crazy Horse was kept by these relatives. His brothers and sisters. His nephews and nieces. It was commited to memory and then passed down generation to generation. It NEVER left their circle out of fear of persecution. The Great Grandsons of Waglula or Crazy Horse, Sr who participated in this project are Floyd Clown, Doug War Eagle, and Don Red Thunder.

No authenticated photograph of Crazy Horse

 In the year 2000 they crossed paths with a film maker named William Matson. In 1998 while his father, Emerson, who had been a writer and recorder of Native history, was on his deathbed, he asked his son William to finish what he had started on telling the Native side (Lakota and Cheyenne) of the battle of the Little Bighorn. William was anything but an expert on Native history. But he could not say no.

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  2. LTAL says:

    Very sad but beautiful story... may he rest in peace...

  3. Waya todalv says:

    a man to emulate in my own journey.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Again misinformation in the death old man Crazy Horse, died 1881 Rosebud
    Indian Reservation, there are agency records that show his death and also
    oral history of families from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation paying their respects...

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