A 3-year-old is safe thanks to his 3-year-old dog Cooper. The North Dakota toddler was reported missing for nearly 7 hours on Monday. Carson Urness went missing from the family farm around 7:30 pm.

Nearly 200 people helped search for Carson on the 2,000 acre farm according to CBS News. Police also dispatched a search dog and a small aircraft to search for the boy.

The foot search was called off about 2 am when rain and the dark made it difficult to search. Just as the search was called off, a volunteer spotted Carson and Cooper on his 4-wheeler.

A Cooperstown Fireman was riding an ATV approximately a mile southeast of the farm with his search group and stopped on a knoll. As he looked around he saw Cooper stand up and he could see Carson lying face down on the ground. The fireman said the dog was lying on top of Carson shielding him from the cold and rain.

“The child was laying underneath the dog, he thought he was probably sleeping,” Sheriff Robert Hook told the news station. Carson stayed dry and warm under Cooper.

After Carson was rescued, Cooper followed the 4-wheeler home. Carson's mom said she knew he was a wonderful dog but he's even more special to the family after saving Carson's life.

Carson was in good health and only had cold feet because Cooper had kept him warm.


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