A dog saved an abandoned newborn baby just in time when she spotted the infant on a porch of a home in Port Huron, Michigan early on Sunday morning.

Leslie Green was taking her dog, Ruby Mae, out when Ruby Mae immediately led her over to the next door neighbor's porch. Ruby Mae pointed at a deck chair and beckoned Green over. Following her dog, Green was shocked to find a baby wrapped in bloody towels, his umbilical cord still attached.

“His little arms were moving,” she told the WDIV News. “I didn’t even think twice about picking him up and loving him like he was mine.”

Authorities said the baby had just been born but had he been left out in the cold much longer he would have died. His body temperature was dangerously low when he arrived at hospital. But the baby, now being referred to as "Brandon", is expected to be fine. Police are now trying to locate the baby's mother.

Leslie believes the baby was possibly left on her neighbor's porch because it was the only home with a porch light on, although her neighbors were not in town and have no connection to the mystery infant. But the hero of the hour is most definitely Ruby Mae. Thanks to her, baby Brandon is alive and safe!
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    Dogs are Guardian Angels with four paws and a tail!

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