Sundance TV has announced that it will be producing a second season of The Red Road, a drama set in northeastern New Jersey starring Native actors Jason Momoa and Kiowa Gordon.

The first season of the series ended in spectacular fashion on April 3; the six episodes of season two will be filmed later this year, and Sundance TV anticipates they will air in 2015.

"The Red Road tells the tale of a shocking conflict which plays out in a very specific place – the land that the Native Americans live on literally oozes danger," said Sarah Barnett, SundanceTV President. "It’s a show about what happens when you try to bury the truth, and the devastating impact of that. We’re proud of this tremendously talented cast and can’t wait to see where creator Aaron Guzikowski takes this story in season two."

"It is great to have a contemporary Native American piece," Jason Momoa told ICTMN at the series' beginning. "They also tackle a lot of things -- there are good Natives in this, and there are bad Natives in this. As there is in every tribe, and in every walk of life."

Some readers may be able to watch full episodes of the show online at or; it may also be available on-demand depending on your cable service. Here's a clip from "The Great Snake Battle," the fifth episode of season one.

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