Mana Tu, Mana Toa, Mana Ake Ake’ 'We will stand strong, as strong as warriors, forever and ever'

This week's whakatāuki featured as part of the haka powhiri at the 150th commemorations of the Battle of Gate Pa

Why Commemorate the Battle

A local historian quotes ‘One of the most often recounted stories of the Land Wars of the 1860's is the Battle of Gate Pa. It has captured people’s imagination for two reasons – firstly because of the defeat of an elite force of professional British solders by Maori irregulars, and secondly, because of the honourable conduct of Maori towards the dead and wounded soldiers.’

In commemorating the Battle of Gate Pa we honour our Maori tipuna and British forbears who fought and died at the battle. This significant historical event was the founding of Tauranga city. As a result of these battles (including where the British overcame the Maori at Te Ranga), land was confiscated and the British settled in Tauranga.


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