In this extraordinary video we see a Canadian couple in their kayak near the river Ste-Marguerite in Canada.

Unexpectedly a beluga whale shows up and swims near to the kayak out of curiosity of the people in it. Suddenly he begins to push the kayak, possibly with the intention of having some fun and playing with them.

Belugas are found in arctic and subarctic waters along the northern coasts of Canada, Alaska, Russia, Norway and Greenland. It is roughly estimated that between 72,000 and 144,000 belugas live in Canadian waters1.

These animals are distributed in the western Arctic (Beaufort Sea), high Arctic (Lancaster Sound, Baffin Bay), eastern Arctic (Cumberland Sound and southeast Baffin, Hudson Bay, James Bay and Ungava Bay) and in the St. Lawrence Estuary.

The distance between their summer and winter habitats requires that some beluga populations migrate over long distances during the spring and autumn.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Belugas don't like being alone. [hence the controversy in B.C. ] so I think it wants company.

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