A drowning puppy had its live saved when a brave animal charity worker went down into a well and rescued him.

The small brown dog can be seen swimming in circles among the rubbish at the bottom of the deep well in India, struggling to stay above the surface.

But luckily, workers from street animal charity Animal Aid come to his rescue.

The team make a rudimentary harness out of rope, which they tie around their colleague Ganpat.

He is then slowly lowered down to bottom, where he plucks the dog from the water before being pulled back up.

And the workers go a step further, taking the soggy puppy to an animal centre, where it gets a thorough drying and a bit of a cuddle.


Responses to "Brave animal charity worker saves drowning puppy from well (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    The beginning of this video was so sad, watching the poor puppy swim around in circles. I loved the ending, thank God for her rescuers. She looked so happy and healthy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bless you who saved the puppy.

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