California firefighters rescue puppy after he gets head stuck in tire rim

The dog got trapped while playing near his owner’s rims, which had been put on a patio. The curious canine was taken to a fire station, where firefighters used ‘cooking oil and a little ingenuity’ to safely remove the pup.

Those puppy dog eyes won’t get him out of this jam.

A curious California puppy with an ill-advised tire fixation took things too far and got his head stuck in the rim on Friday.

The pup’s owners brought their puppy donut to their local fire station for an extraction.

Firefighters from Station 41 in East Bakersfield used “cooking oil and a little ingenuity” to free the pup, then posted before and after pictures on the department's Facebook page.

The puppy was playing on a patio where his owner’s rims were temporarily stashed, a woman who identified herself as the puppy's owner said on Facebook. She added that the pup has no bumps or scrapes from his ordeal and is doing well.

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    Gotta love those firefighters. I know I do.

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