A cat and a lynx have become a purrr-fect couple, living together in Leningrad Zoo in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

A recently posted YouTube video of the feline duo went viral among cat lovers around the world, but they animals have pals for seven years.

The two cats - Dusya, the stray cat, and Linda, the European lynx - are now full-grown and have been inseparable since they were 6 weeks old.

The zookeepers brought in the stray cat in 2007 to provide the lynx with a companion. The workers weren't sure if they would get along, but not only did they co-exist, they are practically inseparable. The cat and lynx can frequently be seen snuggling and grooming each other.

Cross-species animal friendships have previously happened between a meerkat and a husky, a cheetah and a golden retriever, and many other unlikely duos. It is reported that the zoo has adopted the stray cat.


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