Sugar’s owner cried hysterically as her four-year-old dog lay motionless on the grass.

So it was a good job the head of a Washington dog training centre stayed calm and came up with the idea of performing CPR on the boxer to get him breathing again.

Ron Pace, who has been training dogs for almost four decades, was filmed giving chest compressions to Tiffany Kauth’s dog as he lay still on the ground in Tacoma.

The dog was in an obedience class at Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center on Saturday when it had a seizure, reported KING 5 News in Seattle.

An assistant recorded what was happening to show the dog’s vet later, while Ms Kauth, of Bremerton, Washington, cried off camera in the YouTube clip.

‘I was absolutely certain that I was losing my dog,’ she said afterwards. ‘His eyes were open and there was nothing there. It was hard.’

Mr Pace gave the dog a quick mouth-to-mouth breath and then continued CPR. ‘I was just kind of praying it would come around,’ he said.

‘I noticed he wasn't breathing,’ he added. ‘I was applying some pressure to give the dog a chance to breathe, like we would on a human.’

The dog came back after two minutes of CPR and was frightened but conscious.

Vets believe Sugar has a heart condition and must cut down on strenuous activity. Ms Kauth said Mr Pace was ‘amazing’ and that she was ‘grateful’ for what he did.

Responses to "Dog miraculously brought back to life after CPR from trainer (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to fellow dog mommy.

  2. dynah says:

    Kudos to the trainer, wonderful job! but the chix was totally worthless & no need to free the mane when she was aware of a camera. I've had litter puppies born dead & thru massage and sucking fluids from the airway & cpr, the little critters have come around, it does take 2-3 minutes to be successful tho. But when you are..there is a friend for life. I believe your scent is somehow ingrained into them. I can see a pup I have long ago sold & they just go nutty when they see you. Animals are a wonderful thing.

  3. pilvikki says:

    the "chix" was hysterical, dynah! the owner is no princess, just look at her clothes, but how many people know of cpr for dogs, never mind know how to administer it?

    good job from the trainer, i will be sharing to make others aware of this!

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