A resident in the Salt Lake Avenues filmed Salt Lake City firefighters rescuing a dog that was barely responding after it was left on a hot balcony.

Salt Lake County Animal Services told FOX 13 News the dog’s owner was out of town and “Bergan” the German Shepard was left with a friend.

But just before 3 p.m. Wednesday, firefighters, animal control officers and neighbors went into rescue mode at 315 E. 4th Avenue.

The neighbor’s video shows firefighters using a ladder to climb to the third-story balcony, where they found the pet with a body temperature of 108 degrees. Animal control officers said the sliding glass door was closed and there was no water in sight. It’s unclear how long Bergan had been on the balcony, but the neighbor worries it may have been several hours.

“The dog was just gnawing on the metal, he was trying to get up a bit but kept collapsing so I went and grabbed a ladder and we started throwing jugs of water up,” said neighbor Jordan Dastrup, who filmed the rescue.

Neighbors then started spraying the exhausted pooch as firefighters worked to gain access to the apartment. Cameras rolled as rescue crews hauled the pet out of the building. Bergan appeared barely responsive.

“They didn’t say conscious but exhausted, just completely exhausted,” Dastrup said.

Rescue crews took the pooch to an emergency vet hospital, and he’s expected to survive, but animal control officers said it’s a disturbing reminder to make sure your pet has enough water.


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  1. Unknown says:

    Thank You Lord, for sending these kind people to help this poor dog. Thank you to everyone who helped rescue Bergen.

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