A dog has found a group of unlikely admirers in the form of four amorous ducks who can't help but follow his every move.

The animals' owner Ulrike Kersjes from Berlin says the four male Indian runner ducks have fallen in love with her pet Labrador retriever Miedosos.

She says that whenever the rowdy ducks see the shy dog, they immediately bundle on top of him and try to mate. But despite their unwanted affections, Miedosos takes it in his stride remaining calm with infatuated birds.

Ms Kersjes said: 'The ducks are so in love with the dog, it can be exhausting for him sometimes. 'But he's very patient and calm, so most of the time there is no stress - except when they try to steal his bone.'

When Ms Kersjes first introduced then then ducklings to her dog in her suburban home, she was scared loyal Miedosos might have harmed then. But after their initial meeting, it soon became clear that it was Miedosos who had the real reason to worry, as with no females for company, the ducks turned to him for love.

The 49-year-old added: 'Some of them jump onto Miedosos' back while the others go for his bone 'Sometimes we even have to rescue him by bringing him into the house or to the other side of the garden.

'After a while they stop, but when they are ready again they quack to each other and start to plan new things to bug the dog. 'But now they are good friends. I think they love each other.'


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