Lakota Sioux Dance Theatre 

Students will have the opportunity to see a unique dance experience when the Lakota Sioux Dance Theatre comes to Northwest.

The Northwest Encore performance series will host Lakota Sioux Dance Theatre. Founded on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota in 1978, the Lakota Sioux Dance Theatre sought to keep the legends and traditions of the tribe alive.

The Encore performance series continues with the Lakota’s performance of the “Cokata Upo! Come to the Center.” The performance is a three-part, evening-length work that celebrates the culture of the Lakota people. The three parts that make up the work are “Birth of Nation,” “Death and Rebirth” and “All Nations as One.

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Native American culture.

Founded at the Rosebud Reservation with the support of traditional Lakota elders and community leaders, championship pow-wow dancers, singers, musicans and storytellers, they perform Cokata Upo! (Come to the Center), an elaborate and captivating theatrical work celebrating the culture of the Lakota people. Live traditional, sacred and courting songs accompany traditional dances set against a backdrop of spectacular video imagery interwoven with stirring narratives and wisdom-filled creation stories.


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