The Associated Press' Firdia Lisnawati snapped these pictures of a Pangolin carrying its baby at a Bali zoo in Indonesia on Thursday.

The baby was born at the zoo on May 31. notes that the creatures are also called "scaly anteaters." The are "unique creatures that are covered in hard, plate-like scales. They are insectivorous (feeding on insects) and are mainly nocturnal."

Pangolins can mostly be found in Southern, Central and East Africa. They are endangered because they're illegally hunted for food.

Pangolins are creatures of the night.

Pangolins remain in their burrows during the day and come out at night to hunt. The pangolin uses its keen sense of smell to locate termite and ant nests. It digs the insects from mounds using its claws and eats them with its extremely long tongue (which can be up to 16 inches). Large salivary glands coat the tongue with gummy mucus to which ants and termites stick.

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