Local Teen Starts Animal Rescue Center

While most teenagers’ summer plans are to party, sleep in, or watch a lot of TV, 13-year-old Marisa Milford’s summer plans are completely out of the ordinary. Instead of doing what the average teen does during summer, Milford started her own pet rescue in her Youngstown, Fla., home.

The White Oak Animal Rescue is based out of Milford’s own backyard and it opened just two months ago. The teenager might not have the space, the funding, and all necessary tools to save dozens of pets at a time, but the few she rescues from animal control get the chance to live and find forever homes.

“It’s just sad to see all of them end up in animal control,” Milford told WJHG. “Most have five days hold and then they have five days to get adopted and then they are euthanized.”

The young animal rescuer helps the pets by finding them forever homes. She cares for them and works with them to get them socialized and trained before getting adopted, but she knows she still needs a lot of help.

“We need like training things; outlets for their energy and agility things. Toys, beds and treats,” said Milford.

Currently, White Oak Animal Rescue has two kittens and two dogs that need forever homes, and the young girl’s wish is for all of them to get a good home.

“It is sad to see them go home without you,” said Milford, “but for every dog that gets adopted there are thousands waiting to take it’s place.”

Responses to " Teenager Starts Own Rescue Center to Save Homeless Pets (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are awesome, keep up good work!!!

  2. Unknown says:

    you are going t o make alot.of homeless animals find great home.i just know it! if I could be their to help you I would in heart beat, but distance is a factor. koodos to you my girl.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The world needs more people like you. God bless and all the animals say thanks.

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